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A must-have book for modern music producers, "Talkback ~ Digital Studio Story 3rd Edition", Software for analyzing audio plug-ins A set of "Let's play with the plug-in analysis tool Plugindoctor!", which introduces examples of how to use Plugindoctor and what I found by actually measuring the plug-ins I own, is a special price including shipping.

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Talkback ~ Story of Digital Studio 3rd Edition

  • Part 1 The story of PCM recording
    • Chapter 1 The Story of Bit Depth
    • Chapter 2 The Story of Dithering
    • Chapter 3 The Story of Sample Rates
  • Part 2 Recording level story
    • Chapter 4 Recording level story
    • Chapter 5 The story of the meter
    • Chapter 6 The story of dynamic range
  • Part 3 Know-how collection
    • Chapter 7 M/S processing and notes
    • Chapter 8 Internet Distribution Era Mixing Techniques after Introduction of Loudness Regulations
    • Chapter 9 Use Inflections in Arrangements
    • Chapter 10 What Recorded Vocalists Need to Know in the Correctable Era
    • Chapter 11 About Waveforms with Asymmetrical +/- Peaks
    • Chapter 12 Next Generation Audio Codec "Opus" Overview
  • column
    • Effective bit length measurement
    • What is K-System
    • Loudness measurement procedure
    • Will M・S・I~EBU Mode become the industry standard for loudness meters?
    • About mono compatibility
    • About limiting to off-vocal
    • Current status of bit length
    • Analog EQ & Digital EQ
  • Part 4 Deep in the forest (more miscellaneous materials and essay collections)
    • 4-1 How to read YouTube "statistics" and optimization of loudness
    • 4-2 Left/Right Arrangement of Tracks and Limitation of Stereo System
    • 4-3 Gain staging
    • 4-4 Vocal editing that enhances musicality
    • 4-5 Recommendations for Vo. Fader Automation
    • 4-6 A brief history of appropriate values for peak levels
    • 4-7 Headroom and codec pitfalls
    • 4-8 Down conversion procedure
    • 4-9 Three keywords found in English documents
    • 4-10 Dynamic Range of Floating Point Numbers
    • 4-11 Does the sound change depending on the CD-R brand?
    • 4-12 What is a waveform? What is seaweed waveform? What is a chopped seaweed waveform?
    • 4-13 Hi-Res Story
    • 4-14 Loudness War seen in Twitter surveys
    • The final chapter - The day when "sound pressure" disappears from digital studios
  • appendix
    • Loudness list of commercially available songs
    • Manual Loudness/Normalization Quick Reference Ver.2

Let's play with plugin analysis tool Plugindoctor!

Plugindoctor is software for analyzing audio plugins. It runs as a standalone application, itself a VST/AU host that loads instrumented plugins. (If AAX users also have the VST version of the same product installed, they can measure it with Plugindoctor and use the knowledge gained.)

Plug-ins and effects used in music production can of course be handled by ear and sensibility alone. However, you may be wondering what the plugin actually does. Especially among modeling plug-ins, there are many that distort the sound (for better or worse) just by passing the signal through, some that cut the low end or high end with a filter, and some that involve other changes. When you thought that the sound improved when you plug it into the master bus, in reality, the output was only increased by 2dB with the default setting. Using Plugindctor's various measurement functions, these characteristics become apparent at a glance.

Plugindoctor's regular selling price isn't too high either. By investing in Plugindoctor instead of buying new effects and getting a better inside look at the plugins you already own, you may discover new uses for them.

In this book, I will introduce examples of how to use Plugindoctor and what I learned by actually measuring the plug-ins I own.

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