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*Because it is a download product, it will be delivered by email within 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

*This product is a stereo version. A surround version is also available.

*There is no manual for this product. However, it is very simple to use as described below.

BUTE Normaliser is a standalone application. Designed for final checks or as a quick solution for producers on tight deadlines.

Our comprehensive coverage of industry standards and recommendations allows us to tailor our work to our client's needs with minimal effort. These are always kept up to date and you can even create and save your own presets.

Fully compliant with all revisions of ITU-R BS.1770, EBU R128. 1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, OP-59, ARIB TR-B32, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Check, Hulu, Netflix (including latest revision), TIDAL, Sony Gaming (ASWG), AES Streaming Recommendation, US Public Fully compatible with Radio (PRSS), TIDAL and Pandora.

An integrated true-peak limiter handles any offshoots, and the GUI allows full analysis of the final WAV file, so you can rest assured that your track won't be altered or rejected on the destination platform. You can use it with care.

BUTE Normaliser is a high-end, cross-platform stand-alone application that helps post-production engineers make final checks on their mastering work.

With this automated solution, you can check the status of your audio before submission in just a few clicks.


Normalizing files with the BUTE Loudness Normalizer is surprisingly easy.

  1. Drag a WAV file.
  2. Choose from one of many presets or use your own system to set custom parameters.
  3. Click the "Analyze" button to see detailed analysis results, including alerts for areas that need attention from Bute.
  4. Click "Comply" to normalize the audio. A meter graph clearly shows the true peak limiting range.
  5. Save the completed file. accomplished.

The BUTE Loudness Normalizer allows detailed analysis and normalization of one track at a time.

Advanced metering algorithms are optimized for superior sound quality and accurate results. A built-in true-peak limiter prevents overshoot while allowing you to normalize to your target.

The novel limiter algorithm developed by Signum Audio also provides absolute transparency, affecting the relative dynamics of the audio as little as possible, ensuring you always get a consistent, compliant audio file master. increase.

mixing & mastering

  • Create a consistent master
  • Prevent downstream "level shifting" or "clipping"

Ensure Accurate Representation of Audio/Music

  • Post-production and broadcast
  • Easily reach target levels for multiple platforms
  • Useful when facing tight deadlines
  • Deliver loudness-compliant audio to streaming platforms (standards are recommendations, not regulations)
  • Optimize the dynamics of streaming content

DJ, music producer

  • See how your audio sounds on all streaming platforms
  • Level all tracks in a setlist

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