Coup d'Etat

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Coup d'Etat is a library of synth hit stubs.

The carefully layered synthesizer sounds provide a variety of tonal variations with a strong chemical feel. Suitable genres for the use of Coup d'Etat are

  • Euro beat
  • Hyper Techno (Juliana Sound)
  • Other aggressive club sounds

The above three production uses are recommended.

Because of its very assertive sound, it may be difficult to use it like a conventional orchestral hit in standard POPS.

All of the Coup d'Etat tones are "mapped to every semitone on all keys", making them easier to handle than conventional hit and stab tones.

Unlike conventional one-shot samples such as hits and stabs, all keys are mapped, so there is almost no change in sound quality, sample length, or attack feeling due to pitch changes.

For this reason, it is a quality that can solve the dissatisfaction that "the sound I want to use does not sound in the best condition" due to compatibility with the key / BPM of the produced music.

  • Kontakt5.8.1 (requires full version)
  • Core i5 processor or higher recommended
  • 8GB or more of RAM recommended / 38 sounds recorded
  • 2128 recorded samples
  • Sample format 24bit/96kHz
  • Download size 3.0 GB

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