Signum Audio BUTE Limiter 2 Surround

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*This product is the surround version. A stereo version is also available.

Bute Limiter 2 is an ultra-transparent true-peak brickwall limiter with an innovative algorithm and advanced auto-release, providing a sleek and streamlined user interface.

Comprehensive yet flexible UI

Whether you're looking for detailed analysis of your masters or a compact readout, BUTE Limiter 2 has you covered.

BUTE Limiter 2 features a resizable History View that allows you to interactively explore True Peak, Gain Reduction, Threshold and Output measurements, giving you an overview of the entire master or highlighting specific portions. You can expand it.

If the post-gain function causes a true peak overshoot, BUTE Limiter 2 will display this in the history along with a warning.

The history also supports re-instrumentation with automatic DAW sync, and updates when you change limiter settings, so you can see how new settings affect your audio.

Supports multiple workflows

BUTE Limiter 2 includes pre-gain to push or lower the volume of the incoming signal before the limiter and post-gain to be applied after the limiter.

It can be set to highlight either the limiter output or the overall output (limiter output with post gain applied).

Whether you're pushing the limiter in pre-gain like a maximizer, or limiting your signal and then compensating for volume changes in post-gain, BUTE Limiter 2 provides a streamlined view of your workflow.

system requirements

  • Supported OS: Mac 10.9 or higher, Windows 8.1 or higher, 64bit
  • VST/VST3/AU/AAX format
  • Pro Tools 12.6 or higher (for AAX versions)

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