SKYE Dynamics Surround

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[Important] The Surround version does not work with Ableton 9.

* CMJ store limited, Japanese manual included. Support is Signum Audio official site (English).

*Because it is a download product, it will be delivered by email within 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

*This product is the surround version. A stereo version is also available.

SKYE Dynamics is a multi-stage, 3-in-1 dynamics processor for music production. It consists of an expander, a compressor and a limiter, providing extremely transparent processing.

clean & transparent

SKYE Dynamics achieves extremely low levels of distortion and saturation with algorithms that pursue transparency. SKYE Dynamics also features advanced adaptive auto-release and a choice of five envelope presets for each processor, making SKYE Dynamics an outstanding tool for music mixing and mastering.

be creative

SKYE Dynamics has a lot of functions for creative usage. Each effect in the chain can be bypassed individually, gain staging is possible at any point in the chain, and each effect has a separate sidechain. All of these can be automated. The Channel Link system allows you to further tune the inputs and outputs of your plug-ins. SKYE Dynamics opens up completely new creative possibilities.

rational and intuitive

It boasts a unique user interface that allows you to intuitively set the entire effect chain on one screen. Metering and settings will automatically update and switch to the selected processor.

SKYE Dynamics focuses on optimizing workflows and offers a fully interactive experience. The dynamic range of the meter and graphical effect settings can be adjusted for different materials by zooming out. Also, the plug-in window can be freely resized to provide a reasonably compact view.

Supports spatial mixing

The surround version of SKYE Dynamics supports setups up to 7.1.4. In addition, the full surround support of the channel link function enables creative spatial mixing.

system requirements

  • Supported OS: Mac10.9 or higher, Windows7 or higher, 64bit
  • VST/VST3/AU/AAX format
  • Pro Tools Ultimate (when using AAX)

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